Kreativekidoosdaycare decided to play a dramatic play to story alphabets mails and post them according to their match alphabets.

We encourage children to take part in the dramatic play. This way they will learn the assigned roles and act them out. 

The play helps them to be someone in a dramatize situation and perform those actions to go along with the roles.

Through this play, we are helping kids to learn about Alphabets in the capital and small letters and match them accordingly with their respective objects.

This also, helped them to write a mail which will encourage them in writing skills.


1) Week ago we got an empty box from a parcel. Kids were excited to make it something to play and learn.

2) We closed the box with tape and painted it with red because mail posting box is in red color in the post office.

3) Then I created alphabets with pictures to color and sort them accordingly to match with the same alphabets

4) We set up the table with a mailbox we created, sorting alphabets tray, coloring pencils and other mail cards to write on them.

5) I explained them how to do the activity to tell me which alphabet matches with the image related to another card and then color them if they found it correct. This way they will learn fast and also them to speak and communicate the letters.

6) If they select the correct alphabet matching they can then post the mail.

7) Kids also tried to write a mail but they could only scribble because they are still learning to write.

8)  We were excited that the mail was posted to correct alphabet station. 

Kids enjoyed and discussed how they will go to the post office with their mom and dad and post the mail to the correct destination.

We will continue to make these plays so that they can learn and play together to explore.

The Alphabets I taught them with this activity are

  • Capital A-Z
  • Small a-z 
  • Matching objects to color them.

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