One of the renowned scientist has once said in his words that “Play is the highest form of research”

Don’t consider the play word that bouncy. Yes! You got it right. There are numerous benefits connected with creativity during the play.

Creative play is a vivacious part of childhood and for the child growth. Through creative and inventive play children can grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, and even physically. 

Creativity always help a child to develop their skills and enable them to share their opinions, moods and thoughts. Revealing your children to creative prospects contributes to, and furthers their development.

Coming up with methods to play creatively doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. In fact, over-structuring is the reverse of creative play. Every small step toward developing a child’s skills is a major breakthrough in their growth and cheerfulness.

What tools and processes do we need to engage the kids in the day care?

There are many Ideas and concepts for creative and imaginative play are available all around us. Often we oversee the unassuming things, that to a child aren’t as simple.

How often do you see a small child watching any particular thing and analyzing it with different kid dish experiment of his or her? 

Emotional, social, psychological, intellectual and physical skills are ripened with the introduction of the simple things in kid’s world just like, try using some of these household items to make games, tell stories, or just have fun with them.

·         Scrubbers and sponges

·         Paper & Charts

·         Raw Cardboard and boxes lying in junk

·         Cello Tapes

·         Paints (Acrylic or Oil)

·         Any Markers (permanent or board), Crayons and pencil colors

·         Molding materials like clay

·         Slimes

·         Ribbons

All these activities enhance the emotional, social, psychological, intellectual and physical development of child.

Emotional Development: 

Emotional development involves knowledge what feelings and emotions are? Understanding how and why they occur, identifying one's own feelings and those of others, and developing operative ways of handling them. 
Children use play to release emotions, work through feelings and to understand their world better by play-acting in situations they can control.  

Social Development: 

During the play, kids always levy their own connotations on objects.  They are beyond discovering object properties, and instead ask, "What can I do with these objects?".
Play is universal and critical for healthy social development for kids. Play-based learning takes place in a setting that results from the active engagement of the child and the communication between the child and her peers and this results social development of kids.

Psychological Development: 

Play supports your toddler’s intellectual growth – that is, your child’s ability to think, understand, communicate, remember, imagine and work out what might happen next and this way he is able to take decision, what is better for him/her.

Physical development: 

The physical development in kids happens in a series like milestones. As the little one raises, so does his/her body. Slowly but progressively, the child is preparing to take on the structural build which is almost similar to that of a mature adult person. 

Physical development in kids should be complemented with proper food and a healthy balanced diet as this ensures proper growth and development of the muscles and the bones.

Creative play (activities) are not just impractical and idealistic things, they help our kids to develop intellectually, physically and socially and further will help to set our child up for a live of creative thinking. So now…. let’s get busy and help our kids to think out of the box and live free.

Kreative Kidoos promotes creativity and have got plenty of creative play options for your kids to meet your child’s social, emotional, and intellectual needs. Don’t forget to check out our blog posts daily.