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Every individual is unique. Each one of us has his own interests, dreams, capabilities, and talents. 

The same goes for children. Each child is born with a unique capacity that enables him or her to shine in certain types of activities. 

What is a natural talent?  

Natural talent is defined as an instinctive gift for a specific activity. Sometimes we may ask ourselves, “What is my child capable of doing well?” 

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Well, some children have a knack for art. You can always see them holding a pencil or a crayon, doodling or drawing something. 

Others have an interest in music. They love to sing or listen to tunes and even dance to them. 

Children always have something that they are passionate about and we need to encourage them to pursue these interests. 

Here are some ways on how we can encourage our children’s natural talents.

Help Them Discover their innate talents


Children usually do not recognize their own talents, but we can help identify these innate abilities by observing them when they play. 

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Does your child love to be in a group, doing outdoor athletic activities, or does he want to play indoors on his own? 

Which one would he go to first: a drawing pad, a bicycle or an iPod? 

By watching what your children choose for themselves, you will have a very good idea as to where their talents lie.

Give them the Right Opportunities

As parents, we have our own plans and dreams for our children. 

We may want to enroll them to a ballet school or have them learn how to play the piano, or even persuade them to take voice lessons. 

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But sometimes we should ask ourselves, “Is this really what our children want?” Kids are going to be who they are, no matter what you want to make them. 

 The important thing is to let your child explore different types of activities and discover what really interests them. 

Acknowledge Their Interests


Most parents think that playing video games is only a waste of time. 
However, if your child is interested in graphics, animation, storytelling or problem solving, it may be helping him boost his innate talents. 

Kids Physical Activities Point Cook Victoria

Parents usually classify activities into big categories and tend to miss the small details. 
So instead of criticizing your child's skills, learn to appreciate them by saying, "Wow, I can see that you are really good at playing this game!" 
If you tell him it's just a waste of time, it might only discourage him to pursue his interests.

Forget About Yourself


Always remember that this is not about what you want, but what your child wants. 
Even if they come from us, our children are not exactly like us. 
They are their own unique individual, who have their own minds and preferences that are usually different from ours.
If we learn to respect what they want, we can help encourage them to nurture their innate talents and capabilities that would enable them to succeed later in life.