What do you wish the most for your kids? 

Is it a life of happiness in which they enjoy each moment by considering their life as an adventure? 

Or is it a life where they can live their life bravely by thinking creatively in their daily life? 

Whatever be the dreams we have for our kids, imagination, creativity, and confidence in children do play an important role in realizing these dreams.

 All that we need to do is to encourage them in their exploratory expeditions. 

Children have an inborn quality to absorb information easily, and so when we build up their sense of adventure, it will motivate the kids to go out of their way in learning and understanding new things. 

The more things they find for themselves, the more easily it is for them to come up with creative ideas. 

Believe it or not, all these are not something that is easy not only on paper but also in reality as they are several simple things that we can do to foster their curiosity.

Creative thinking is important for children as it develops intrinsic motivation in children. It, in turn, helps them to love the process of learning throughout their life. 
What's more, creativity is related to optimal well-being as it is seen that those who love learning new things and are always curious are more happy and optimistic than those who are not.

All this gives them a sense of self- confidence that makes them push themselves more to follow their dreams, irrespective of all the barriers that they face in life. 

Don't we all want our children to chase their dreams?

For all this to happen, the foremost thing needed is for the parents to be equipped. Parents have a great influence on what their child thinks and learns in the early years. 

Parents are the first role models that the kids look up to. Parents should help them in making the kids understand how to think, but then never teach them what to think as it will hinder their creativity and curiosity.

Parents also wish that their kids are confident and creative! 

So here come, some simple tips that enable us to do that!

1) Communication  

Communicate with the kids those matters which will make them think. 
It gives them a chance or ability to build their own opinions. 
When this kind of communication happens, you will able to further their creativity as well as increase their confidence. 
Children become more observant and perceptive about their environment. Besides, it helps the parents to understand what all the kids are interested in.

2) Building Confidence - If we want our kids to be confident then the kids should be made to look at things in different perspectives and make them  believe in them. It, in turn, would help to support the child's interests.

3) Allowing Mistakes - It is very much possible that there would be lots of mistakes in this interesting process. 
The important thing to note here is that the mistakes made by the kids should be considered as opportunities and not as unsuccessful attempts. 
Only when we allow the kids to make mistakes will they not be afraid of failures and be confident kids. If the kids are scared of failures, then there is a lesser chance of them trying new things.

4) Timely Appreciation - Show and demonstrate genuine interest and appreciation of what they are doing - Most of the time, the kids can understand when we fake these feelings. Be with them when you have the time since that motivates the children most.

Through these ways, we will be able to shape an environment for the kids where they are full of confidence in both themselves and in the world around them.