For a mother, leaving her child in daycares is very difficult. However, many must do so for various reasons, such as work or the absence of a family member who can care for them. However, it is important to know the benefits that children have when they are in these nurseries.
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The nurseries for babies and children can be a very beautiful and extraordinary experience for them. Even more, if they have enough spaces where they can play and run, they have many toys and there is qualified and affectionate staff to take care of them.

In these places, children perform activities that contribute to their development, learn to relate to other people and have real friends. Even parents will have the opportunity to make new friends with the parents of the other children.
So, what can children learn in daycare? What are the benefits or advantages that they can bring?

Benefits of nurseries for babies and children:

The nurseries for babies and children are not simply places to take care of the little ones; they also offer many benefits, among which are:

Physical development:

As they play almost all the time, it helps them to release energy. In leisure moments, the little ones run around, which helps them stimulate the senses and improve balance. In addition, they maintain a good diet, get enough rest and learn hygiene habits.

Knowledge of the environment:

The nursery is a new environment for children, which is very beneficial, as they begin to discover and explore a place that was foreign. In addition, they discover new objects and people.
Development of intellectual capacities
Through games, movement and all the materials found in the classroom, children begin to develop their intellectual abilities. On the other hand, through mental representations and free games, they are awakened by creativity, which allows them to invent and create new ideas.