To make sure that your preschoolers are becoming active and their knowledge is also enhancing, it is important that they should take part in different fine motor activities. There are numerous fine motor activities for preschoolers; you just have to pick the right ones.

Clay sculptures:

Give your kids some colorful clay to play and see what amazing creativity they present through it. Watch them create some small and cute figures, which even could be their favorite cartoon characters. 

Drop color game:

This could be an amazing game through which your kids will start learning about differentiating in colors, which is really important to teach them.

Learning alphabets with beads:

This is an amazing way to motivate the preschoolers to learn the alphabets by playing along with the beads.

Crafting activities:

Kids really enjoy art and craft activities a lot. Give them some beads, bits of papers, some ribbons, sticks and glue and in no time they’ll create something unique out of these products. 
Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

The age of a preschooler is the learning age, so you should try to make your kids more active by indulging them into different fine motor activities.